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Walkcycles Walkcycles

Rated 5 / 5 stars


no make a drawing tute. ur skill are awsome man. how do u do that?

Bones Bones

Rated 5 / 5 stars


fire needs three things in order to keep burning
1. fuel
2. heat
the fuse wuld go out!

made me laugh tho. thats a sick dog. like junkies that kill ppl for drug money.

What Dumbass Likes Clocks What Dumbass Likes Clocks

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Kudos man. finally sum1 is doing sumthing gud. most ppl just vent out ther hate in a bunch of random shit animations. finally a real one! good good. and i kno the last person sed its racist and all. BUT I FUCKING HATE THEM. im trying 2 think of an idea and some guy thinks its a real gr8 i dea to have 2 clocks stuck on fruit say hello and talk about the weather, and then another guy says hey thats cool, votes a five and tells all his friends to do that and they dont even watch the movi cuz ther just doing wat ther friend says, meanwhile.... 50 guys sitting on ther computers trying to 'rack up experience points' (as the quote goes) say "hey a clock movie!", "ILL JUST VOTE FIVE CUZ THESE THINGS ARE SO DAM POPULAR." and thats just were it starts. one guy submits and it gets passed and thousands of people submit. its like tankmen. the rage is just starting. but thats not a diss on tankmen. thats some good stuff dude....glocks and locks, get outta here. ull neva b half as good as a clock which means ull neva b half as good as something thats half as good as the average turd of the week.

hey look, 2,863 characters remaining i hope i spelt all that rite. ther needs 2 b a spell checker on this thing

Ryan-Smith responds:

Um wow, thanks. You basically just told the whole story of clocks.

Recent Game Reviews

Onslaught Onslaught

Rated 5 / 5 stars

ok...onslaught 2

b4 i begin...this a gr8 game.

onslaugh 2: u should have a hard version with recoil. music was annoying. a mute music button wuld b nice. and mayb make the airplanes more dangerous but easier to kill. at the end ther t was, ok so wat? its just one bomb i have 2 deal with these grenades. also if u made little flags showing which u-boats had tanks in them. and mayb mines. u culd deploy them at the begining of each level and buy more with ur score. thats it. onslaught 2! o, and bring down how fast they thro grenades and bring up how fast they fall down. i keep shooting at dying bodies!

Viral part 2 Viral part 2

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

? dus a guy fly in from the top? how come i have only one life? wat is the diff between assault rifle and pistol? how come the trees jiggle back and forth and a couple guys popup? why is ther a health bar? y cant i pick up gold or sumthing? y is ther only half a zombie? y do they just appear instead of walking up? y arnt they random? y is it always in the same order? wat is the point of beating each level if i can just do scene selection? wuldnt a password b mor appropriate? how come the graphics sucked? how come "i" hold a gradient fill wen i run from the boss? how come i cant c the bullets?

when u can anwer all of the above...u will the know the meaning of life.

Frozenverdugo responds:

1.I dunno what your talking about.
2. Because I only have flash 4 and no coding experience.
3.Because I only have flash 4 and no coding experience
4. Because health bars are great.
5.Because I only have flash 4 and no coding experience
6.Because those zombies are torso zombies (the first enemies you encounter)
7.because they are the pop up zombies, the others walk up to you.
8.Because I only have flash 4 and no coding experience
9.Because I only have flash 4 and no coding experience
10. Because scene selection isd for people who suck at it.
12. because i suck at graphics.
13. What?
14.Because I only have flash 4 and no coding experience